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Feel better
and get back to what matters most

Even if it feels like you've tried everything

I help people with acute, chronic, and unexplained pain.

Kathleen O'Brien, Certified John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, Auburn Ca

Meet Your Therapist

Hello, my name is Kathleen O’Brien. I am an expert level Myofascial Release therapist who has been helping people get out of pain and back to activities they love since 2005. I specialize in the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. It's my goal to provide you with outstanding care and to help you achieve long lasting relief.

I also help people relieve stress, perform better, recover faster, and reduce the aches and pains of aging.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is for you if...

You are feeling stuck and discouraged

Going to PT didn't solve the problem

You want natural pain relief

Your body feels hypervigilant and can't relax

You want one-on-one individualized care

You don't want to use pain killers or injections


Your doctor has run labs and done imaging, but didn't find anything wrong

You’ve been told "You are just going to have to live with it"

You are starting to lose hope that you can feel better

Going to Kathleen changed my life. And I don't mean this in the fake "it changed my life" kind of way. It actually did. When I first met Kathleen (3 sessions ago) I had been immobile for 3 years. 3 YEARS! I was trying to recover from a leg injury with little or no success. I had been to doctors, had x-rays, seen a physical therapist, and hired a fitness coach who was versed in injury healing. None of it had worked. I was at the point where anything over a 10 minute walk was out of the question. I was in bad shape. It's been 3 sessions (over the course of about 6 weeks), and the last 2 weeks I went on two separate hour-long walks with zero pain or repercussion. And these were fast paced walks. She's teaching me that the pain in my leg is not just in my leg, it's part of an entire system and that different parts pull and stress the leg. She also gives me tools and stretches to do at home that aid in my recovery between sessions. I will continue to drive 2 hours each way to go to Kathleen, not only for the miracle that she has brought me (I have my life back!) but also because getting MFR done from her feels so good and nourishing. I am endlessly grateful for her services, and HIGHLY recommend her. 



Ready to feel better?

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